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Greetings all,
Calling all human rights activists, animal rights warriors, feminists, anarchists, commies, lovers, fighters, street musicians, artists, writers, GLBT rights champions, and all you people who go against the grain and color outside the lines. We want you! Introducing the newest sensation on your computer station: the brand-spankin' new Red Lipstick and Rebellion Community! This new venture is dedicated to exposing you to all sides to every story, but we need your help. That's right, YOU can make this happen! Submit anything your little heart desires: article suggestions, poems, short stories, editorials, rants, raves, and even some obscene critiques on how to improve our e-zine. Yes, this creation is ours; yours and mine. There's only one thing- if you submit a short story, editorial, or rant, please keep it at a reasonable length. I'll let you use your own discretion; we're all adults here. Please submit and do it often; you can be sure that it is very much appreciated! When suggesting articles, please include the link. Most importantly, please submit all the info of any and every protest, meeting, educational event, etc. that you or someone you know is participating in. The deadline for each issue is each and every Wednesday. If you submit late, you can be sure it'll most likely be used in the next issue! Let's make this project work by working together!