Hidden Candlisz (itsgrimupnorth) wrote in redlipsticked,
Hidden Candlisz

New radical community for finding friends.

Hello, I apologize if this is a repetitive post in your f-lists, but please bear with me as I announce the following:

add_a_radical (Livejournal Radical Networking Community) Is a newborn community in which its purpose is to link individuals together with common interests in the political spectrum--in particular the radical and revolutionary edges of the table. I created this community in the hopes of making new friends with similar views; as well as having the chance to meet different people who have varying experiences in life--I feel everyone should have a priority in their life that demands for them to speak their mind, and exercise freedom of expression and 'out of the box' thinking. I feel that most of the "Add_me" communities meant for meeting new writers on livejournal are somewhat lacking in these uniting interests, and thus, have felt obliged to create such a community as this one.

Hopefully this community will prove useful as a resource for activists and thinkers to meet new friends with common interests.

Thank you for taking the time to read your invitation to the LRNC!
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